307 East 6th Street | Litchfield, MN 55355  Phone: 320-693-2444 | Fax: 320-593-6528
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ADVANCE AND ABSENTEE BALLOTING starting March 24th: Voters who wish to vote by absentee ballot or vote in person may vote at the Meeker County Auditor’s Office, 325 N. Sibley Avenue, Litchfield, Minnesota during regular business hours.



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Wagner Education Building

Central Office, PreK, CommEd, ECFE, ABE
307 East 6th Street, Litchfield, MN 55355
Phone: 320-693-2444 Central Office
Phone: 320-693-2354 CommEd
Fax: 320-593-6528
Superintendent: Beckie Simenson

Lake Ripley Elementary

Kindergarten - Grade 4 (8:20-2:45)
100 W. Pleasure Dr. Litchfield, MN
Phone: 320-693-2436
Fax: 320-593-0227
Principal: Chris Olson

Litchfield Middle School

Grades 5-8 (8:00-3:00)
340 East 10th St., Litchfield, MN
Phone: 320-693-2441
Fax: 320-593-3485
Principal: Chelsea Brown

Litchfield High School

Grades 9-12 (8:10-3:00)
901 N. Gilman Ave, Litchfield, MN
Phone: 320-693-2424
Fax: 320-593-3308
Principal: Jason Michels