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Farm-to-School Month
It’s hard to believe it’s that time of fall already--MEA break! Take some deserved time to relax, catch up on sleep, or soak up some outdoor time. At school we’re celebrating Farm-to-School month and perhaps you can celebrate a little at home as well. Local food in every color and use is in season right now. Visit a local farmers market, apple orchard, or neighbor’s garden (with permission!) to taste this abundance. Let your students know that they have an opportunity at school to do the same.
It takes a community to feed a community, and this year, on so many levels, we are feeling this. October is Farm to School month and we’re hoping that you’ll cheer on your younger eaters to try new things and think about the ways in which our community comes together around food. We hope you find time to celebrate the fall season in a way that brings good food and community relationships to the forefront-positive, delicious, necessary.

Enjoy the long weekend!