307 East 6th Street | Litchfield, MN 55355  Phone: 320-693-2444 | Fax: 320-593-6528
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Litchfield Public Schools Preschool is an on-site, all early childhood service combined in the pre-k-grade 3 continuum with Lake Ripley School.  We have early childhood licensed teachers and use curriculum and assessment tools approved by the Department of Education.  We are a 4-Star Parent Aware program and have beautiful facilities for learning that include a playground and gymnasium. 

If your child has not gone through Early Childhood Screening and you wish to schedule an appointment, please call (320) 693-2354.

Scholarships are first-come, first served and available to families who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch!



Ms. Teresa                                                Aimee- Preschool                               Hannah Barrick
                          Teresa Strowbridge                           Aimee Gabrielson                           Hannah Barrick


Don't miss out on "Power of the Purse Bingo" Friday, October 11!  All proceeds go towards transportation scholarships for preschool children.

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