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Online Registration, Enrollment, and Annual Updates

You need a device with internet access to complete online registration and household updates.  A Kiosk is available for you at the District Office (307 E 6th Street) and each school building to allow you to enter your information using the online system. Contact any school office for other available options, see contact information at the bottom of this page.

Helpful information to know before you begin

  • Household update online process takes approximately 15-20 minutes. 
  • Application updates can be saved and reopened at a later time.
  • Gather data updates before starting such as Student immunization records, health information, parent work and cell numbers, email address, emergency contact info. 

Pick one of these colored options:

  • 1.  I have school age children (early childhood screened and/or students in a grade preK-12) currently enrolled in a Litchfield Public School or they were enrolled on the last day of school, last year, at a Litchfield Public School.  I will complete the annual household update to add any missing information on file with the office and confirm existing data such as email, cell phone, emergency contact, medical and permission forms.
  • 2. My child/children are new to this district and enrolling in Kindergarten or other grade level.  My child previously attended a Litchfield Public School but was enrolled elsewhere the last day of school, last year. (re-enrollment)
  • After completing Option 1 or 2, please choose to complete the Online Free and Reduced Price Meal Application.
1. Annual Updates - currently enrolled students

Households will need to complete the online updates before student schedules are released in August.  We need time to process your updates so we encourage you to complete this process as soon as you are able.  Confirm you have no household changes by completing this process.  Students participating in fall activities will want to complete this process before their first practice. 

To Access Online Updates:

  1. Log into your Parent Portal account at If you need help to reset your Campus Portal password or do not yet have a portal account, please contact a school office for assistance.
  2. Click Applications on the left.
  3. Review the Update/Registration Information that displays.
  4. Select the Update/Registration Year from the drop down list and click Begin Update/Registration.
  5. Choose to Complete the Online Free and Reduced Price Meal Application.

2. Online Enrollment, Registration - first time enrollee, new to this district

  1. Online Registration is available for new students, early childhood screening, and students grades prek-12 for enrollment.  New enrollments (also re-enrollments)  can click this link: OR contact/visit the district office to obtain enrollment assistance. Once login information is received via email (after using the link above), use the new student registration option to begin the registration process. 
  2. Online Registration is available for Pre Kindergarten student enrollments. Login information and instruction is available at Pre-School screening and Kindergarten round up.   
  3. Choose to Complete the Online Free and Reduced Price Meal Application.
  4. After submission, your application will be routed to your child's school office and you will be contacted with further steps, if needed.