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Welcome to the Counseling Office!

At Litchfield High School we are committed to helping all students achieve academic, social, and personal growth. Our school counselors are available for all students to assist with college/career exploration, personal/social conflicts, mental health needs, schedule changes, and other school related needs. Students are assigned to a counselor alphabetically by last name and are encouraged to email their counselor to set up an appointment if needed. Parents are also welcome to email or call the school counselors with any questions or concerns. 

School Counselor                                          School Counselor

Laura Nelson                                                   Jolene Reineke

Last Names A-K                                              Last Names L-Z                               

320-693-2424 ext.4321                                   320-693-2424 ext. 4315

Fax: 320-593-3308                                          Fax: 320-593-3308

What does a School Counselor do? 
School counselors have unique roles within schools that focus on supporting students with their academic, social, developmental, and emotional needs. If you'd like to learn more about what a school counselor's role is within a school please feel free to check out some of the publications and position statements from the American School Counselor Association

Here are some other ASCA resources that can help in understanding a school counselor's role


School Psychologist

Muriel Quiggle (MAWSECO)



Section 504 Coordinator

Laura Nelson

320-693-2424 ext.4321


High School Registrar

Linda Boll

320-693-2424 ext. 4312