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Early Childhood Screening

Litchfield Public Schools Early Childhood Screening is a service offered to families with children ages 3-5 years old. It is a chance to see if a child is achieving the developmental milestones of early childhood. Screening gives parents an opportunity to secure support for their children who might need help in reaching those milestones.

The School District is required to offer Early Childhood Screening for ALL children prior to entering kindergarten in the state of Minnesota. If you haven't received an invitation for your children, ages 3½-5 years of age, please call the Early Childhood Office at (320) 693-2354.

During the screening process, early childhood staff along with the school nurse will check your child’s:

   - Health history immunization records
   - Vision & hearing
   - Height, weight & growth
   - Large & small motor skills
   - Thinking, language & communication skills
   - Social & emotional development

If your child is on the school district census, he/she will be notified about Early Childhood Screening close to age 3½.  If you don't hear from us, please call (320) 693-2354 to be registered. 

Call (320) 693-2354 for 2023-2024 Screening Dates!